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We believe that great design is not just about aesthetics, but also function and impact – connecting with audiences on a deeper level, driving meaningful engagements and delivering tangible results. 

Our approach is rooted in collaboration and communication and we strive to build lasting client partnerships based on trust, transparency and a shared vision.

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We develop strategies for brands by digging deep, challenging the status quo and gaining a 360-
degree understanding of your business – and your customers.

Services include:
— Brand strategy
— Marketing strategy
— Content strategy

Latch pulled out all the stops, exploring the type and behaviour of our audiences, understanding their habits and nuances.”
Marina Jaggs
Imperial College London

We help brands occupy a distinctive place in the market through an ownable identity – whether that’s by starting from scratch or evolving an existing one.

Services include:
— Naming
— Identity & logo
— Tone of voice
— Image styling
— Guidelines
— Printed collateral

By re-focusing on our core values, Latch has brought a new dynamic energy to our brand.”
Sam Howe
UK Brand Manager, Wimpy Restaurants

We tell brand stories through engaging campaigns that resonate with audiences and inspire action.

Services include:
— Brand campaigns
— Product campaigns
— Launch campaigns

Latch has understood our campaign needs and impressed us with their creative flair, attention to detail and processes.”
Annah‑Marie Spear
Marketing Manager, Leaders Romans Group

We create intuitive, informative digital experiences that are built to drive results.

Services include:

— Websites
— Apps
— Digital advertising and PPC
— Google Analytics / GA4 

Latch have excelled themselves. The sites have generated over 90% of our enquiries – far exceeding our expectations.”
Ruchit Gupta-Chaudhary
Way of Life

We grow deeper connections, widen audiences and encourage action through engaging social strategies and content.

Services include:
— Social campaigns 
— Content
— Channel management
— Reporting

I’m delighted with the ROI. The work you’ve done has brought us a far superior quality of lead this year.”
Rupert Price
Sales Manager, Eden Retirement Living

We strengthen the connection between people and brands through touch, place and space.

Services include:
— Placemaking
— Marketing suites
— Interiors
— Hoardings
— Signage & wayfinding

Latch always place emphasis on our audience to ensure we deliver engaging marketing with real cut through.”
Alexia Williams
Notting Hill Genesis
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