Big steps for baby leaves

Steve’s Leaves is on a mission to grow it’s range of baby leaf salad as sustainably as possible, whilst maintaining the scale to supply customers including Waitrose and Ocado.

We freshened up their identity, brought in animation and humour, and overhauled their digital presence. Our packaging redesign not only reduced waste, but introduced 100% recyclable films across the range.

Steve’s Leaves rebranding
Steve’s Leaves
Tone of voice
Motion graphics

All of Steve’s Leaves product is washed at a single site in Hampshire with water pumped from their very own spring.

Steve’s Salad Shed — a reusable experience and education stand, as comfortable promoting Steve’s product at a festival, as it is being the centre of a healthy eating talk at a primary school.

Salad is seen as an accompaniment to a meal. We needed to educate the consumer that Steve’s Leaves are different — smaller, younger and packed full of flavour.”
Alex Atkinson
Co-founder, Latch
Steves Leaves Logo 5050
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