Creating a luxurious partnership

In 1939, Guerlain created one of the world’s first modern spas on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris. When Guerlain announced a new prestigious partnership with Waldorf Astoria, to create a luxurious and evocative setting where guests could enjoy cutting-edge treatments, we were invited to create a brand identity, guest touch points and brand guidelines. The Guerlain Spa Waldorf Astoria pairing was born.

Guerlain Spa Image 1
Guerlain Spa
Guerlain & Waldorf Astoria
Image styling
Printed collateral
Tone of voice
Guerlain Spa Brochure Cover
Guerlain Spa Brochure Spread 2
Guerlain Spa Brochure Spread 1
Guerlain Spa Image 2
Guerlain Spa Image 3
Guerlain Spa Photography 1
Working with two of the world’s most revered brands was a delicate aesthetic and tonal challenge.”
Toby Dyson
Co-founder, Latch
Guerlain Spa Plaster Head
Guerlain Spa Slippers
Guerlain Spa Pool Half

All materials reflected the high-end nature of the collaboration while safeguarding the consistency of each brand.

Guerlain Spa Door Hanger
Guerlain Spa Gift Envelope
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