Launching a luxury resort

Creating brands and launch materials for a resort usually involves working months, if not years, ahead of opening. Incomplete sites with multiple stakeholder interests jockeying for affection. The key is to manage the noise out — allowing the creative team to hone in on the answer.

For the Conrad Algarve, the location had to be the star. Creative concepts, F&B identities and imagery all flowed from the stunning landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula.

Conrad Hotel infinity pool
Conrad Algarve
Image styling
Printed collateral
Conrad Algarve Hotel and Resort Louro restaurant identity by Latch
Conrad Algarve Hotel and Resort Louro brand identity and menu design by Latch design agency
The landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula are stunning. They inspired an almost filmic tone to enter our imagery for the resort.”
Toby Dyson
Co-founder, Latch
Conrad Louro illustrations
Conrad Algarve beach
Conrad Louro Food
Conrad Algarve sunset
Conrad Algarve Hotel and Resort Gusto restaurant identity and branding by Latch design agency
Conrad Algarve Hotel and Resort Gusto restaurant interior – identity, branding by Latch design agency
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