Time for a change


Our relaunch and rebrand has been a labour of love for our entire team. We've been working under two brands, Latch for property and February for F&B and hospitality work, for several years. In this time we‘ve grown the business and enjoyed the trust of clients to look after their existing brands and bring new ones into the world. We‘ve seen the two sides of our business cross and blur many, many times. It became apparent that what connected our practices cross-sector was connecting with audiences by telling brand stories. 

So we took some of our own medicine. Looked at what our clients say we’re really great at, what we love doing and who we enjoy working with. We created a clear way of working, improved systems and yes, developed a new look for a business focused on bringing places, spaces and brands to life.

This is us — Latch — a highly recommended, results driven, yet pretty down to earth, creative studio. We specialise in branding and design for property, hospitality and F&B. We tell the stories of brands, places and spaces — stories that inspire and inform. We get that not every brand, business, or service is for everyone. It can't be. So we find those sweet spots to differentiate – visual aesthetic, brand tone or playfulness all helping to attract your audience; whoever they are, wherever they are.

So, if you’re looking for a creative studio (creative agency, design firm, brand agency, creative collective – whatever you want to call us) to work with – perhaps to create the identity for your new property development, launch your challenger F&B concept, maybe freshen up your restaurant brand, or something else brewing you want creative input on – we should probably talk.

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