Our Expertise


What does a creative agency do? Well, here goes…


Before anything else, we align the vision and purpose with our client’s business goals, embedding the culture of their brand into our design plans. Our approach is rooted in close collaboration and helps to build a platform for lasting connections between a brand and its stakeholders.


Having delved deep into the background and ambition of a brand, we’ll capture its essence and translate that into a verbal and visual tonality. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, our work embodies the spirit of each brand we work with to leave a meaningful impression.


Whether it’s preparing a product launch or talking to loyal customers, Latch excels in crafting campaigns that captivate. From concept to execution, we ensure every campaign that leaves our studio has a clear and compelling narrative that demands attention and action.


Digital isn’t just about code and websites. It’s an ecosystem of connected elements combining to create a seamless journey — from online to offline, or vice versa. We help our clients bring their brands to life in the digital realm – converting interest into purchase.


Social media is a dynamic conversation between your brand and the outside world. Latch has been working in social for years, sparking interactions and conversations. We create and curate cross-platform content that fosters a community around your story.


Spaces are incredible places to tell your story. With strong visual and tactile elements, we ensure every detail of a space contributes to a cohesive brand narrative. Whether pop-up or permanent, our spatial design work creates enjoyable experiences that linger in the mind.

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