Co-founder update


It’s been an incredible last few months at Latch with us undergoing a company-wide rebrand to bring February, the food and hospitality side of our business, under a unified Latch umbrella. This strategic move aligns with our vision to become a leading design consultancy in the two linchpin sectors of our everyday lives – property and food.

During the process we carefully considered our existing brand equity, and the strong reputations we've built over the years in both sectors, including notable work for companies and brands including Hilton Worldwide, Wimpy Restaurants, Higgins Homes and Legal & General. The new Latch identity brings an assured, non-punch pulling confidence to our brand. The same confidence and attitude that gives our work its impact, and our clients the results they're looking for.

But the one thing that makes me most proud from our brand journey, is our move to be Carbon Negative. Our unwavering dedication to the planet leapt out in our workshops and brand discussions. It was clearly baked into our design processes, so to build our promise to remove five times our carbon footprint each and every year into our company ethos has been transformative. It will inform our wider thinking, client work and how we work together as a team, and I'm excited to see the opportunities that lie ahead for us under this clear direction.

Alex Atkinson, Co-founder Latch

28th July Latch Directors Bi Monthly
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