Meet The Team


Our talented team brings boundless creativity and expertise to every project, with a curiosity and attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Alex Atkinson - Co-founder
Alex masterminds Latch’s strategic direction, ensuring our work aligns seamlessly with our clients’ business goals. He inspires us to think beyond the obvious and challenge conventions – always pushing creative boundaries. With exceptional industry expertise having worked for big brands including Hilton, Prezzo, Fortnum & Mason and Gap, Alex’s keen eye for detail and deep understanding of consumer behaviour steers our team to create impactful, effective work that works.

A self-confessed avid, yet pretty average, snowboarder, Alex loves to cram in as many mini snow trips into the winter season as he possibly can.

Toby Dyson - Co-founder
Toby is the driving force behind our client relationships and champion of our team's growth and success. He fosters a collaborative and supportive environment, empowering everyone to voice ideas and play to their own strengths. Clients tell us his understanding of the branding and design process allows room for creativity that ties into their business goals. 

Having not broken any bones… recently… we’re delighted Toby is planning his next weekend hurtling on a mountain bike down the Welsh hills.

Rebecca Atkinson - Studio Manager
Rebecca is the organisational powerhouse who keeps our studio running like a well-oiled machine. With exceptional attention to detail and a knack for multitasking, she keeps projects moving efficiently, maximising our output, minimising waste in our workflow and ensuring everything we deliver is on time and on brief. 

Now on her fifth house renovation, it’s got a bit obsessive for Rebecca as she jumps seamlessly from builder, to carpenter, to interior designer.

Jon Banks - Senior Designer 
Jon is an extraordinary designer who combines creativity and strategic thinking to solve design challenges with finesse. With an impeccable sense of aesthetics and two decades’ of experience in branding, Jon crafts captivating visuals that resonate with audiences on a deeper level. 

Our resident walking Radio Times for the modern era, Jon is always ready with a binge-worthy series recommendation.

Kyle Tolley - Senior Designer 
Kyle has an innate ability to transform ideas into visual masterpieces, bringing a fresh perspective to every project, together with a deep understanding of what drives target audiences. His innovative approach and tireless pursuit of perfection makes him an invaluable asset to our creative team. 

Not one to be outdone in the design stakes, sadly Kyle’s online fame is dwarfed by the Insta he and his wife run for his miniature schnauzer, Bertie.

Roger Pugh - Artworker
Roger’s artistic wizardry turns the team’s ideas into captivating realities. With meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, he ensures every design element is flawlessly executed. Unassuming yet quietly competitive, Roger would leave any of us for dust in a marathon or triathlon. 

We discovered Roger was a dab hand with an oil paint during lockdown. If you’re in the market for a perfect forgery of a Caravaggio, give us a call.

Chloé Oliver-Hibbitt - Social & Digital Manager
Blending meticulous organisation with sharp, creative thinking, Chloé is the analytical thinker behind our clients’ engaging social media campaigns. Passionate about connecting brands with their target audience and leaving a lasting impression, Chloé's expertise across social helps clients to build strong, authentic relationships with their customers in the digital space.

Chloé loves nothing more than travelling the world and trying new foods, so it’s not surprising to us that her go-to on the weekend is a bottomless prosecco brunch.

Dean Machala - Motion Designer 
Dean is our Graphic and Motion Designer – well known for his drier-than-the-desert sense of humour and artistic flair. He has the enviable ability to take the bare bones of a concept and transform it into unmissable visuals – from logos to animations. Dean uses his video and photography skills to create truly eye-catching, scroll-stopping work that delivers results for our clients.

As superpowers go Dean’s is questionable. We’re all still waiting to figure out how we can harness the true might of his alter ego – Pun-Man

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