Culture holds the key to success


Creativity and flexibility are like tea and biscuits. Put them together and they just work. Here’s a handful of the flexible policies introduced at Latch to foster thriving creativity and productivity.

Ongoing Development: nurturing growth and opening minds
Continuous learning and development are vital to the growth of any individual, team or business. We give the Latch team plenty of opportunities to do just that, through regular discovery sessions, events and training. By staying informed about current trends, exploring new techniques and nurturing curiosity, we empower everyone to expand their skillset and broaden their thinking. It’s this commitment to ongoing learning that allows us to question, develop and strengthen our approach – delivering sharp and insight-driven creative for every client.

All Play & No Work Socials: bonding and collaboration
Our regular “All Play & No Work” socials are an opportunity for remote and hybrid working staff to get together, build camaraderie and geek out over stock samples in a way they can’t on Teams. Usually involving some good food, healthy competition and always away from the studio, we find that these shared experiences enhance collaboration, foster a positive culture and spark new ideas.

Remote Working: moving away from a single studio
Since the first lockdown in 2020, Latch has fully embraced remote working. By cutting long commute times, it’s not only boosted productivity – it has fed into our ambitious sustainability plans and allowed our team to better fit family commitments and self-care around their working hours. We’ve found it has fostered a culture of autonomy, trust and accountability – bringing greater job satisfaction and helping us retain our talent. Perhaps the biggest bonus is that it removes geographical constraints and allows us to employ and collaborate with incredible people all over the world – exposing us to a greater diversity of opinions, skills and cultures.

Early Finish Fridays: time and space for inspiration
Every Friday, our team members leave their desks early at 4 pm, giving them a fully paid hour to pursue personal interests, catch up with family or get some steps in as they reflect on the week gone by. This ritual has brought with it a healthier mindset, fresh inspiration and new business perspectives that we never expected.

Any of this sound right up your street? If you’re eager to make a difference and want to be part of our happy, productive team, we want to hear from you.

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