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A place for the Unicorn Frappuccino in Property Marketing!?

Here at Latch, we are passionate about bringing developments to life, staying on top of the ever-changing marketing landscape and how its digested is hugely important to understand how we can create memorable experiences for customers and ultimately sell more properties!

We’ve lately been spending some time understanding how recent advances in the technological capabilities of mobile phones and print media, mean customers can go on a journey with a brand and experience seemingly completely unrelated encounters to the buying/selling of a product, and more related to the positive act of ‘doing something different’ often quoting ‘wasn’t that cool?!’. Gifting a potential new customer with a new experience is a great way to introduce your brand in a memorable way that builds trust and likeability, growing that personal element that ultimately persuades them to eventually buy from you. What we mean is… getting them to engage with your brand without consciously meaning to but consequently having the realisation that they needed you in their lives!


Unicorn Frappuccino

One brand doing this brilliantly is Starbucks, cue the Unicorn Frappuccino. Taking traditional print media like a ‘latest offer’ stand on the tabletop in the café and blending this with the hottest new social media platforms like Snapchat, to create unique experiences and brand sharing. Taking a simple offer stand and printing a custom designed barcode that gives customers a Starbucks branded SnapChat filter allows customers to remember that ‘cool filter’ and also share that branded filter with all of their friends and family on the SnapChat platform. Imagine it like a billboard on every phone in their network. Multiply that by all of the tech-savvy people that go into Starbucks every day, and you have some serious marketing and advertising exposure, for relatively little spend.


Virtual Supermarkets

Another example is Tesco Virtual Supermarkets in Korea. Taking inspiration from how Koreans typically lead their lives, Tesco capitalised on the ‘on the go’ culture of Korea’s population. Spending a lot of hours travelling to and from work on the subway with minimal time to do the daily shop is a given for most Korean workers, so a virtual supermarket cleverly printed onto the walls of a subway station was the perfect way to capture this market. By printing a display of products ranging from milk bottles to bread and cupcakes on the walls of a subway station, customers had to simply download the Homeplus app into their smartphones, scan the QR codes of the products they want to buy, add it to their virtual shopping cart, choose a delivery date and pay online to do their daily shop. They could shop quite literally ‘on the go’ and Tesco received not only 900,000 downloads of the app, 130% more sales, but a whole wave of press coverage surrounding this truly unique and well-thought through idea.

At Latch, when we see ideas that we love, we explore ways we could put this into practice for our clients. Traditional and digital marketing can and do work extremely well together, we love coming up with innovative ways to give you that competitive edge and make an impact. The many different opportunities that property developments could take advantage of with this type of multi-channel marketing makes us very excited! We’d love to hear from you, email us at [email protected] and take a look around our website at latch.agency/about/ to start the discussion.


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