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Property Marketing Trends 2021

In uncertain times, it’s vital to keep up to date and evolve with the current marketing trends. New technologies and online presence have accelerated the demand for instant gratification, therefore urging developers to adapt to new ways of marketing. Don’t get left behind – here are three of the latest trends for 2021…


Digital Showrooms

In 2021, instant gratification is in high demand. Digital showrooms enable viewers to feel like they’re present in the property – giving your potential buyers the chance to have an emotional connection with a home, despite not being physically there. The ease and accessibility of virtual showrooms is likely to attract more potential leads, while keeping up with the digital times will give you an advantage against your competitors.

At Latch, we take our briefs to the next level by offering our clients professional CGIs, marketing suites and fly-throughs – and we’re continuously thinking of ways we can improve the online buying experience. 


Content that sells the lifestyle

When it comes to marketing your brand or development, the importance of creating high-quality images and videos is obvious. However, the content should ultimately sell the overall lifestyle to the audience. It’s all very well showing slick pictures, but what do those images say to your audience? Do the images sell the dream? Your content needs to trigger an emotional response, so the potential lead becomes a customer.

Think about showcasing different room options. Can the balcony become an al fresco dining space or outside office during the summer months? It’s important to consider what will attract your leads. Above all, know your target audiences – your content requirements will change depending on who they are and the lifestyle they’re looking for.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is another big trend continuing into 2021. Remember the importance of relevancy and personalisation to stand out against your competitors. Carefully consider your audience – are you selling to families, couples or single occupants? Getting a better understanding of who you’re speaking to allows you to tailor your emails to a specific buyer. For example, when selling to a single occupant it’s more likely they’ll be interested in an office space rather than a nursery. Always tailor your content to make it relevant. The personal touch of addressing the audience by their name is also key – make the audience feel like you’re are talking to them on a personal level.


For more advice on property marketing trends, get in touch with us! As an experienced property branding agency, we’re here to help.