Innovative Charity Builds 3D Printed Homes in El Salvador image

Innovative Charity Builds 3D Printed Homes in El Salvador

Home building is being taken to a whole new level as 3D printed homes become the latest innovation to help solve the global housing crisis. US based charity New Story’s mission is to create housing for every human. So nobody has to live in survival mode. The charity works tirelessly to fundraise money needed to build homes for those in need.

Why 3D Printed Homes?

Building homes from traditional bricks-and-mortar is expensive and requires a significant amount of investment and labour. However, new developments in technology now mean these resource dependencies are now far lower. This enables building organisations and charities such as New Story to build more homes from existing budgets. 3D printing offers a more cost effective, shorter build time. All allowing new homes to be built at a faster pace and for far less money than more traditional methods.

Affordability, Speed, and Quality of Homebuilding

The adoption of 3D printing homes by New Story (in collaboration with robotics construction firm Icon) is helping to construct an entire community of homes and tenants for those in need in El Salvador. The average construction time is just 12-24 hours! With two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and a living room, these 3D printed homes will help to improve the quality of life for those living in El Salvador. The project seems like a real game changer, hoping to raise $1 million to build 1,300 homes ($4,000 per house). Compared to the size of the UK average one bedroom home and price for a two bedroomed house around £250,000, these new technologies open up a whole world of new opportunities.

The Future of Homebuilding

Latch can’t wait to see if other building and construction companies adopt this new technology. Perhaps millennials will all be living in 3D printed homes in the future?