How property marketing can optimises your sales image

How property marketing can optimises your sales

Are you a property developer looking to reach out to potential buyers? Perhaps you’d like to improve your marketing techniques to maximise sales and enquiries? Here at Latch, we can help.

As an experienced property marketing agency, we know how to draw an audience to a development. Below are some key points we consider when creating quality property brands and marketing material, no matter what the scheme size.

Mastering these three simple tips will help you significantly boost the appeal of your developments to potential buyers, and ultimately improve your pipeline.



For any business, having a successful online customer experience is critical to capture the interest of your audience. Our digital designers ensure the websites we create are not only attractive on the eye, but easy to navigate. Intuitively displaying the key information your audience needs quickly – such as location, specification and pricing – allows them to easily see their options and make informed choices versus your competitors’ offerings.

Make it an enjoyable journey. How quickly your website loads, adapts to mobile browsing and displays content is crucial to the audience experience. The ability of your potential customers to browse your site ‘on the go’ and see content whether they’re on a phone, tablet or laptop can have a huge impact on the number of enquiries you receive. A poor, clunky experience can lead to a drop off on those wanting to find out more.

Don’t forget to track their path through your website, and know which devices they’re using – this will allow you to tailor the content and experience to your audiences’ needs, and ultimately boost enquiries.



The old saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ has never been so true as it is in today’s fast-paced visual world – and particularly in property marketing. Top-quality images of your interiors, or striking CGIs of how your scheme will look when it’s completed, help provide customers with a visual short-hand for quality and builds trust in your development.

Through impactful visual images, your potential customers can start to imagine themselves living in your properties. Show them the lifestyle on offer to entice them to get in touch.

At Latch we create premium quality CGIs at an affordable price for our clients – enabling them to showcase their developments to their full potential before a spade has even broken ground.

Our images and CGIs need to attract audiences on an emotional level. In your imagery, you might consider how you could add a unique twist to relate specifically to a niche audience. We like to offer our clients a personalised CGI package, including some hidden benefits to help draw in your customers… ? – give us a call to find out more.


Property Marketing Tools

Finally, as an established property branding agency, it’s important we remain on top of the newest upcoming technologies as they emerge and adapt to the property sector. Staying ahead of your competitors with seasonally adaptive marketing suites is just one way you can remain relevant in the lifecycle of a scheme.

Look to add interactive elements to your website – such as customer-controlled fly-throughs to add extra depth to the experience of house hunting. Giving your potential customers the ability to explore your stylish, spacious and light-filled properties from the comfort of their sofa makes the experience more realistic and relatable. So, start wowing your audience with that hyper-realistic interactive touch, and watch those enquiries pour in.

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