Housing Association Mergers – Why They Happen and The Benefits They Can Bring image

Housing Association Mergers – Why They Happen and The Benefits They Can Bring

There seems to have been a recent increase in housing associations mergers. Genesis and Notting Hill, Metropolitan and Thames Valley Housing to name two. As HAs look to increase their impact to help solve housing shortages we take a look at the what benefits can come from joining forces.

Housing Association Mergers

One reason housing associations merge together is the benefits the relationship can bring to customers and the wider community. By merging two organisations together, economies of scale can be created, making housing more affordable and efficient. This can help to push forward the rate of building new homes.

Further to this, mergers give opportunities to enhance team skills. Both sides have separate processes and expertise, combined together the new HA can cherry pick best practice to create a superbly efficient and effective organisation. Teams capable of delivering higher levels of customer service at a more cost effective price. With higher customer service levels, the new organisation can achieve its goals and help to plug the housing shortage gap.

Recent mergers

Two of our clients are in the process of merging with other associations, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be able to see first hand how this transforms their organisations and customer services.

Latch has many years of experience branding housing association developments across shared ownership, private sales and private rent. We look forward to working with newer merged organisations and helping them achieve their design goals with a fresh perspective and outlook.

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