Home building in the UK at a 9 year high image

Home building in the UK at a 9 year high

Excellent news for the Property Sector as The Department for Communities and Local Governments released latest stats show home building is on the rise with the amount of new homes being built this year is up 13% from last year. Most of the development is focused on Gloucestershire, South Derbyshire and South Norfolk and this is starting to filter out towards the wider population across the UK over the course of the year.

Fixing our broken housing market

The Government Housing White Paper ‘Fixing Our Broken Housing Market’ recently outlined a need to build 225,000—275,000 homes across the UK to keep up with current demand, and the results so far this year look promising. 164,960 new homes were started in the year from January 2017 to June 2017. The Government pledged in the report to build 1 million extra houses by 2020, and so far this seems to be on track for achieving that.

Developers at the forefront of these new home building plans are helping bridge the current gap between demand and supply, and it’s great to see their efforts paying dividends for the UK in the form of creative and functional housing.

Strong competition

With lots of different housing companies competing to differentiate in this flourishing marketplace, property branding is key. Today’s prospective homebuyers expect developers to get creative with how they present properties, both physically in the show-homes, and behind the scenes in their marketing materials. Getting a real idea of how the home will look and feel, as well as what their new community will look like, are all key aspects a buyer considers before they choose to live in the fantastic new property development you have forged.

Our recent work with Traders’ Quarter is a shining example of this. By diving into the history behind the old shipyards and telling the incredible stories of the craftsmanship and endeavours of the people that worked there, we tied together the remarkable heritage of the past, with the extraordinary apartments and neighbourhood yet to come. At the end of the day people like to live in a place they can connect with and feel at home in. Telling the story of how the development came to be is an important part of that, ultimately proving one of the main factors people consider when making that step to buy and make it their home…. and receiving a National Housing Awards 2017 nomination in the process is always nice, but we do it for the love not glory!

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