Hoardings that grab attention image

Hoardings that grab attention

Hoarding design is a key part of the marketing mix for any new build property development. With such a sizable and public canvas, often worth tens of thousands in media advertising space alone, you have to be sure of a few things…

  1. Do the key messages hit home? Does the hoarding tell passers by what you’re actually selling?
  2. Does it make an impact? If a hoarding doesn’t turn heads, then you’ve wasted the opportunity.
  3. Does it blow your budget? Simple cut vinyl or cheap dibond panels allow you to have almost any design you wish, so be creative!

The lesson? Be bold, be creative, grab attention.

Key projects where Latch have designed eye-catching hoardings include Ulito and Traders’ Quarter.

Need help with your new build property hoardings? Latch can help. Contact Alex on 0203 176 4251 or email [email protected]