Exclusive interview with Louise Ferragamo – Part 2 image

Exclusive interview with Louise Ferragamo – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of Latch’s interview with Louise Ferragamo, part of the famous Italian fashion family. Here, Louise talks about what inspires her style and influences her interiors outlook.


Latch: Where do you get property inspirations from?

“When I travel, I pick up ideas and bring back anything I can get my hands on. I’m inspired by some of the amazing resorts I’ve visited as an event designer. I do a lot of online research for my events, and of course, this is then reflected in my own home.

“I love flea markets and go to one at least once a week! My home is adapted when new items of furniture are bought at the flea market, and I love to use what I already have – re-paint or move things around from one place to another.”


Which of your properties is your favourite & why?

“My favourite is the country house, because we built it from scratch and was it designed to reflect our lifestyle. There is plenty of room to host guests, something I love to do. My dining room can fit up to 40 people, and the open-plan kitchen is the perfect space to hang out and dance! I have huge fireplaces inside and outside where we can also relax and have barbeques.”


When you bought your private homes, what was the most important factor for you Lousie?

“The light and the energy you feel when you step inside a home. Logistics, location and neighbourhoods are also very important. We are lucky to have great views from our properties, despite this never being a big priority for me.”


What’s your favourite piece of furniture in your home?

“It might be my old black trunk with brass closures, which serves as a coffee table and storage for my beautiful reindeer furs during the summer. Or, perhaps the artwork created by our artist neighbour in Maremma, Rodolfo Lacquaniti. I love his skills!”


Do you and your husband have the same taste in interiors? If not, how do they differ?

“My husband is more simple, and loves clean spaces. I tend to fill up the house with things I love. I see an old item as a treasure, but for him, it looks like rubbish. Although, I think he likes it when it’s all put together!”


If you could change anything about your home, what would it be?

“Since lockdown, I regret never having prioritised a family cinema room. Because we were always busy, we never watched the television pre-pandemic. Now, since spending more time at home together, we have discovered Netflix and all the wonderful documentaries available. I would have loved to have a cosy room to host family movie nights in.”


Has working in the creative industry and being part of the Ferragamo family influenced your interior choices?

“When I lived in Scandinavia, I would buy new, modern, minimalistic design furniture and often chose cheaper materials. Since living in Italy, in a very traditional Italian culture, I have increased my need for good quality items. Now, I appreciate more traditional craftmanship and timeless classic style. I love looking at old antique and recycled things which have a history. I might not need more of these items, but I still love looking at them!”